Xiaomi Smart Laser Rangefinder Real time Distance Meter with LCD Display

Xiaomi Smart Laser Rangefinder Real time Distance Meter with LCD Display

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Product Parameter

Product model: MJJGCJYD001QW

Size: 80 x 35 x 21mm

Net Weight: about 60g

Measuring range: 0.05-50m

Measurement accuracy: ± (3mm + 5 x 10^(-5) D*)

Charging parameters: 5V-1A

Minimum display unit: 0.001m

Bluetooth transmission distance: about 8m (barrier-free)

Package List:

1 x Laser rangefinder

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Manual

Mijia Smart Laser Rangefinder

Real time Distance Meter

3mm High Precision

Real Scene Smart Measurement

Data Cloud Storage

High-precision Measurement

Mijia APP Smart Measurement

Full Power Measurement 3000 Times

Industrial Grade Durability Test

Real time Distance Meter

After the laser is fired in real time, the rangefinder will display the current length in real time. Choose a precise and stable second class laser, as close as 5m and as far as 40m.

Double-issue Single-receive , mm Measurement Accuracy

Double-issue Single-receive laser, laser emission-calibration-display data, the accuracy can reach ±3mm.

Double-issue Single-receive , Laser Accuracy

House Measurement , Soft Package Measurement

Decoration Measurement , Furniture Measurement

Mijia APP , Multiple Functions

Connect the mobile phone via Bluetooth and link with the Mijia app to realize data synchronization/remarks, length/area/volume calculation, floor plan surveying and mapping, drawing sharing and other functions.

* Rangefinder to connect the Mijia app, need 6.9.200 version or higher.

Floor Plan  / Real Scene Painting Measurement

You can directly draw a floor plan in the Mijia APP or take real photo and then draw and measure. The measured data is automatically marked to the selected line, APP intelligently adjusts the length of the line according to the marked data.

Area / Volume / Length Calculation

You can flexibly select the existing length, width, and height data for area and volume calculations, and you can also simply add and subtract to calculate the length.

Remote Measurement

The mobile phone can be used as a "distance finder remote control" to remotely control the rangefinder
measurement. It is suitable for the scene where the rangefinder/human-machine separation must be placed at a fixed point.

Single Button Design

Long press for 2s to turn on, short press to start measurement, double click to switch between front and back benchmarks.

Long Press 2s - Turn on/off

Short Press - Start/end measurement, record measurement data

Double click - Before and after switching benchmarks

High Brightness LCD Screen

High Brightness LED Screen , Display of current measurement data, historical measurement data, measurement reference, measurement unit, power, and Bluetooth connection status.

Measurement standard/laser emission reminder

Bluetooth connection status

Electric quantity

Historical measurement data

Current measurement data

Unit of measurement (M/FT)

Double Matte Material , Anti-wear Scratch-resistant

Aluminum alloy + high-strength engineering plastics, dual materials to create a matte appearance.

Wireless Charging Design

Type-C Charging Long Battery Life

370mAh Large capacity lithium battery , 3000 sets of data can be measured at full power

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