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Video Processor

LED video processor

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Huidu Video processor HD-VP210

HD-VP210 is a three-in-one video processor integrating traditional video processor, synchronous sending card and U disk playback. The control range is 1.3 million pixels. It supports 5-channels video ..


VDwall Video processor LVP100

Features:1. 4 inputs, 2 outputs, dual images, its enough for the application requirements to small LED in most cases2. It allows an access to set the output resolution to fulfill the size of LED scree..


Video processor VDwall LVP615

1. New generation Faroudja? Real Color? professional LED video processor 10+ Bit Faroudja? DCDI Cinema Processing Faroudja? TureLife? videoenhancer.2.SeamlessSwitchingFadeinFadeoutSwitchingBlend..


Video processor VDwall LVP605 series

HD LED Video Processor Seamless Switching Fade-in / Fade-out switching & Blend switching 4 custom PIP / POP display modes HD Text, Flash, Graphics & Logo Overlay1.  10+ Bit Faroudj..


Video processor VDwall LVP608

FEATURES1. Input ports: 1 x Video2 x VGA1 x DVI1 x SDI1 x DP1.21 x HDMI1.42. 8x DVI outputs, each ports maximal output resolution is 1920 x 1080_60Hz3. 4K2K ultra HD video processing, single port HDMI..


Video processor VDwall LVP909 series

LVP909 SeriesLED HD Video Processor4 windows in any size and overlay displayWireless Wi-Fi control+ Wi-Fi video feedback mnFeatures1.Seamless switching,fade in fade out swtiching between any inputs. M..

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