RHX8-Q8B WiFi control card with USB

RHX8-Q8B WiFi control card with USB

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Product model: RHX8-Q8B Monochrome loading: not supported Two-color loading: not supported Full color loading: 128*384 (low gray) (complementary length and width) Communication method: WiFi+U disk System support: windows, android, ios Software support: version 8.0 software Product features: 1. Simple, easy to use, stable 2. Super fast connection speed and sending speed 3. Compatible with various mainstream unit boards on the market (supports tracing points and adding scanning methods) 4. Supports special chip modules such as ICN2038S/SM16188B 5. Support Dynamic running edge 6. Supports cool backgrounds (full color) 7. Supports custom backgrounds (images and animations can be easily imported) (full color) 8. Supports program backgrounds/partition backgrounds in full color) 9. Supports colorful words and gradient words (Full color) 10. Support background + colorful text function (subtitles/time/dial/timing/table, etc. are supported) (full color) 11. Support random color function 12. Support time, lunar calendar, dial, text, table, etc. Free partitioning 13. Supports animated cool characters 14. Supports viewing password modification records (save records of each modification for easy viewing and sharing) 15. Supports viewing and modifying password functions 16. Supports real-time synchronization of screen parameters (convenient to quickly set parameters) ) 17. Support 360° rotating screen (solve the troubles of being unable to flip the vertical time, multi-line display, etc.) 18. Support automatic split screen function (simple version with various split screen templates, partitioned version with automatic split screen) 19. Support Double-sided vertical layout automatic typesetting function 20. Supports screen parameter lock function (unlock advanced functions in the upper right corner) 21. Supports program readback function (Android/Apple/PC can read back to each other) 22. Supports forgotten password readback function ( Version 8.0) 23. Supports the function of binding mobile phones (using local passwords) to solve the problem of forgotten passwords and prevent illegal tampering by others. 24. Supports the power-on fade-in function (effectively solving power shock) 25. Supports the limit test function (dedicated to aging) 26. Supports super initialization control card (for version 8.0, you can restore the factory if you forget the password) 27. The first in the industry to adopt the control card encryption algorithm instead of relying on WiFi password, which is more reliable and safer 28. The first in the industry to adopt the integrated solution of integrated WiFi module. Stronger signal, more stable performance 29. WiFi+USB dual communication, super cost-effective (small card does not support USB communication) 30. Windows/Android/Apple can read back each other, good compatibility 31. One software solves all problems (single Two-color/full-color/simple version/partitioned version/all-in-one/free switching)

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