Terms & Conditions

1. Warranty terms: warranty period: 1~2 years, subject to the description belowWithin the warranty period, non-personal damage free maintenance, each party is responsible for half the freight Basic maintenance fee will be charged for man-made damage or expired warranty period;

2. Working time: GMT+8 8:00~22:00 every day, there is another notice on holidays;

3. Customer service and after-sales service: provide complete technical support, and the response time is faster, while the non-working time is slower. You can directly call the customer service number;

4. Return and exchange: Generally we dont accept refund when there is no quality problems; Within 7 days after receiving the goods, the goods that do not affect the sales can be replaced;

5. Refund: the balance shall be returned first, and there will be intermediate handling fee(charged by bank) for the refund to the buyer;

6. Balance withdrawal: there will be intermediate service charge;

7.Credit: Credit deduction is preferred. If the total amount is 0, please use free check out and contact the customer service;

8. Promisory /Money Order: up to a certain amount, she can receive the same price as the agent;

9. Discount: welcome to use coupons and gift certificates; If the user meets the requirements and fails to use it successfully, please contact customer service;

10. Quality assurance: we guarantee that the products are genuine products produced by ourselves or authorized by our cooperative manufacturers.If fake goods are found, we will investigate the reasons and unconditionally return or replace them for the customer;

11. Product ready time: stock products will be delivered within 1 to 2 days. Customized products are subject to the actual situation;

12. Delivery time: except for special requirements, general international express including DHL,FEDEX,UPS,ARMEX,DPEX, 3-6 days. There is delay in peak period, please understand;

13. Regarding the complaint: please contact the corresponding customer service team to express your complaint or contact the owner directly by email.We promise to do the best service for you and deal with customers' reasonable requests as soon as possible.