Single Color LED screen controller ZH-5U2

Single Color LED screen controller ZH-5U2

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Support points16*1280 32*640 
Function features: random partition, running side, time switch, digital clock, analog clock, 16 levels brightness adjustment, unit plate test, including somersault, bubbling, blowing snow, windmill, vector stretch, 

HardwareModel numberZH-5U2
LedOS systemWith LedOS V5 operation system inside
Storage capacity8M bit
RS485can customize
RS485 effective communication distance: 1200 meters(can customize)
Baud ratesupport 9600-115200
Display adapterT12 2 groups onboard interfaces, a set of interfaces T08
unit plate testRapidly detect the unit plate if it has problem or not, such as blind points, dark light, full red, etc
Working voltage5V (in the range of 3.2-5.5)
Environment temperature-30妗?0妗?lt;/td>
SoftwareOperation systemSupport Windows 2000NTXPVista and Win7 Win10
Bundled softwareLed Control System V5
Function  displaymulti-program playAt most add 32 programs, you can set multi-program fixed time play , timer play, time segment play, single program play
multi-partitionEach program adds 4 free partition at most at the same time (its not traditional pseudo partition ), random size, position, alone operation
Program typesImage-text, subtitles, digital time, analog clock, animation
Time switchSupport software forced switch and time switch
Time displaySupport digital time and analog clock
Motion way60 kinds of display ways and 42 kinds of quitting ways arbitrary collocation, over 2000 kinds of random assortments perfect collocation
Running sideOver 10 kinds of running modes, support single partition running mode
Brightness adjustmentSupport 0-15 level manual brightness adjustment
 Product specificationsScope of applicationSupport 1/41/81/16 scan, single and double color, full color unit plate
Maximum support points20480
Support points32*640 
Support points16*1024  
OESet the + through the software
DASet the + through the software

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