LED display controller HD-D30/HD-D35

LED display controller HD-D30/HD-D35

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HD-D35 is the upgrade model of HD-D30, they are of same function.

HD-D35(D30) is a high-performance small screen dedicated control card such as door screen, car screen, signboard screen, etc.

It has 4 GB storage space on board, supports 1080P HD video hard decoding, 60 Hz frame rate output, and supports 4 000 Internet remote cluster control.


High performance scrolling video screen controller

HD-D35(D30)control range 1024*64 pixel.

Door lintel full color, taxi roof, bus AD screen controller.
ARM A9 CPU, hardware video decoding.
4GB Memory allowing more than 4 hours of content.

Controller for door lintel full color & vehicle-mounted screen


Do the best effect of strip full color display controller

Focus on video, animation, the effect is more dazzling.
Support hardware video decoding.
Support Wi-Fi, 4G module.
Operate by PC/APP/cloud platform.
Anytime and anywhere multiple displays management

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